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By Chris Bray, Nov 20 2019 12:30PM


Money Play. How should Red play 41?

I got pinged by XG for playing 13/8. However, on rollout the difference between 13/8 and 8/3* is negligible. 8/3* both wins and loses more gammons.

So for money you can take your choice. Different match scores would significantly affect the play.

By Chris Bray, Nov 19 2019 07:04PM


Money Play. How should Red play 31?

Red’s best hope is to outprime White even if that is relatively unlikely. Therefore, 5/2*/1 is the wrong plan.

The best play is 8/4, hoping to either make the point next time or get hit and stay on the bar long enough to preserve the home board. 5/1 without hitting is the second-best play. The 3-pt anchor will give Red long-term winning chances and he actually wins more than 25% of the time from here, although he loses quite a few gammons.

By Chris Bray, Nov 18 2019 06:24PM


Match Play. Red leads 8-6 to 13. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

For money you can take or pass this double – your equity will be the same.

At the match score it becomes an easy take because of the power of the redouble to 4 by White. Four points will get him to the Crawford Game which is obviously very good for him.

I was White and took the double. My opponent’s next two rolls were 66 and 55 – c’est la vie!

By Chris Bray, Nov 14 2019 06:10PM


Money Play. How should Red play 11?

The key here is to make the checkers work. Red needs his 4-pt so 6/4 seems obvious and carries very little risk. Then either 12/11, 2/1 or 2/1(2) are both OK with the other two aces.

Over the board 12/10, 6/5, 2/1 was tried but that is a surprisingly bad error. That 4-point needs to be slotted now.

By Chris Bray, Nov 13 2019 06:50PM


Money Play. How should Red play 52?

Red should play with one blot so 13/11, 13/8 can be eliminated. !3/6 is also weak.

It is a choice between 24/17 and 24/22, 13/8. The latter gives free shots, i.e. very few return shots. Best is 24/22, 13/8 as if he is hit Red will nearly have a lot of return shots.

24/17 is a bad error but not a blunder.

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