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Website This Week and Website Update

By Chris Bray, Nov 4 2019 07:04AM

Tomorrow I depart for Cyprus for the major tournament there. This is a fantastic tournament and I am really looking forward to the coming week, meeting backgammon friends from around the world.

There will be no posting tomorrow or next Monday 11th November but I hope to post on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week (hotel Wifi permitting!).

During the week I will also be doing online commentary on matches from the later rounds from Cyprus and all being well I will post the link to the live stream here.

This webiste was built nearly six years ago and is reliant on Flash technology. Support for Flash is ending in 2020. Therefore, some time before Christmas I intend to launch an updated version of the site which has no dependency on Flash. This will mean I can update it from my iPad and iPhone as well as my laptop and hopefully it will remove any problems for readers. The website is likely to be down for a couple of days around the time of the update but I will provide advance notice.

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