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The Times Backgammon Column

By Chris Bray, Nov 22 2019 04:29PM

Three and a half years ago The Independent went digital and my backgammon column, along with a lot of other quality content, was terminated. Since then I have, without any success, sought a new home for the column. That is, until now. I am delighted to announce that as of two weeks today, Friday December 6th, I will become the backgammon columnist for The Times, with the column appearing every Friday thereafter.

Thus I will achieve a lifetime ambition of writing for the newspaper that I have read since I was eighteen. As well as providing me with a minor stipend I hope it will help to give backgammon greater visibility on both a national and international basis. The full story of the rebirth of the column can be read on the UKBGF website here:

Nov 23 2019 11:45PM by Mackenzie

Bravo! Backgammon enthusiasts the world over will benefit from your expertise.

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