• 209 - Position 9


    Money Play. How should Red play 61?

    This is a difficult problem.

    It turns out that making the 5-pt with 11/5, 6/5 is too committal.

    Red does best to adopt a two-way strategy here, looking to win forward but preserving his back game chances if things go well.

    The best way to do this is 16/10, 8/7* with 20/14, 8/7* a relatively close second. White’s next roll will probably then determine Red’s game plan.

    Making the 5-pt leads Red too far forward in the variations where White hits one or more checkers. This is a rare and unusual case where making the 5-pt is a blunder. Needless to say, over the board, I made the 5-pt!


    • 1. Jan 14 2019 4:12PM by Leo

      It's very rarely right to forgo making the 5pt unless there is a good reason. Is hitting the blot on red's 7pt good enough reason? I'm not sure, but over the board I'd make the 5pt. 11/5,6/5.

    • 2. Jan 14 2019 8:02PM by Peder

      11/5, 6/5. Always make the five-point.

    • 3. Jan 14 2019 10:01PM by Ben

      Having doubled, I favor 8/7*;16/10.

    • 4. Jan 15 2019 9:38AM by Rumen

      With 6 checkers in White's board, Red can't attack, can't even prime successfully. The only option I see is to strengthen the home board with 11/5, 6/5.

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