• 2019 - Position 77


    Money Play. How should Red play 54?

    Red must win the game with the checkers and he has a lot of work to do, containing White’s rear checker and escaping on his own two rear checkers.

    7/3*, 7/2 has less short-term risk but it reduces Red’s game plans – the blitz can continue but the prime will be more difficult. So much so that 7/3*, 7/2 is a double blunder.

    The correct play, albeit with more risk is 8/3*, 7/3, making the points in the correct order and keeping the priming option open. Having three blots exposed may seem foolhardy, but it is the correct way forward. If things go badly Red is likely to lose to a redouble anyway so he must play to use his checkers efficiently.


    • 1. Apr 30 2019 5:48PM by Leo

      This is awkward. I'd like to extricate one of the back checkers, but any subsequent 4 is either destructive or too loose. The only other reasonable alternative I can see is 8/3,7/3*

    • 2. Apr 30 2019 7:37PM by Ben

      I like Leo's play here.

    • 3. Apr 30 2019 7:47PM by Ben

      7/3*;7/2 is the right play here I believe. It leaves only one blot & makes a point.

    • 4. May 1 2019 10:04AM by Peder

      I prefer the solid prime. 8/3*, 7/3. Also, if not hit, Red gets a nice distribution of builders.

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