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2019 - Position 46

By Chris Bray, Mar 18 2019 05:39PM


Match Play. Red trails 3-5 to 7. How should Red play 54?

For money it is clear that the correct play is 21/16, 13/9, playing to prime the two rear White checkers. However, at this score, gammons are very valuable to Red as they win the match for him. That means that 7/2*, 6/2 must be given serious consideration.

Over the board I would choose the hitting play. The rollout has 21/16, 13/9 as better by 0.005. With that sort of difference, I am definitely hitting. How about you?

Mar 18 2019 09:16PM by Leo

Priming or blitzing? I'm not sure, but over the board I'd go for 7/2,6/2* to increase my gammon chances and win the match outright.

Mar 19 2019 04:53PM by Ben

I didn't even see Leo's play here but I like it, especially having doubled.

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