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2019 - Position 45

By Chris Bray, Mar 15 2019 05:46PM


Money Play. How should Red play 43?

While White has only nine checkers in the attack zone Red must step up from the back and the right way to do so is with 24/21, 24/20.

If one checker is hit loose Red hopes to make an anchor using the other one. The move also gives Red some command of White’s outer board.

24/20, 8/5 is a bad error while 13/9, 8/5 is a blunder. Red is running out of time and must get those rear checkers moving now!

Note that if you take a checker from Red’s 6-pt and put it on his mid-point then 13/9, 8/5 ties with 24/20, 24/21 because 13/9, 8/5 doesn’t strip the last spare off the mid-point and Red’s timing is better. As I may have mentioned before backgammon is a tricky game!

Mar 15 2019 07:56PM by Ben

24/20; 8/5 looks right to me.

Mar 16 2019 08:00AM by Leo

24/20,24/21. A forward anchor is crucial for red before he gets totally hemmed in. I think bringing both forward doubles the opportunity to do so.

Mar 16 2019 01:20PM by Peder

13/9, 8/5. Red has good prospects in a priming battle.

Mar 17 2019 06:09AM by Rumen

Agree with Peter - I am not spliting here, against a better board and having a reasonable priming chances.

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