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2019 - Position 44

By Chris Bray, Mar 14 2019 03:46PM


Money Play. How should Red play 33?

A key strategy in such positions is to keep the checkers in front of your opponent’s anchor so you can block his large doubles for as long as possible.

Over the board 7/4(2), 6/3(2) was played but the 10-pt should have been made. Either 13/10(2), 13/7 or 13/10(3), 6/3 is correct. The rollouts have the latter move as the technically correct play by a tiny margin but either moves is perfectly OK.

The key learning point is block big doubles in such positions.

Mar 15 2019 08:59AM by Le0

13/7,13/10(2), or 13/10(3),6/3. I slightly prefer the latter option as it looks a little more flexible.

Mar 15 2019 03:31PM by Ben

13/7; 6/3(2) both makes a home board point and gives Red a spare 6 to play

Mar 15 2019 04:10PM by Peder

6/3(2), 7/4(2). I do the usual thing in mutual holding games; I build my board and wait. The timing is slightly in my favour.

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