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2019 - Position 43

By Chris Bray, Mar 13 2019 05:01PM


Money Play. How should Red play 33?

It is too early to give up the 15-pt, this game has a long way to go.

There are three reasonable plays: 13/7(2), 13/10(3), 8/5 and 13/10(2), 13/7 (did you even consider that play?)

XG initially flagged my play of 13/7(2) as an error but on a long rollout it changes its opinion and 13/7(2) comes out first albeit by the tiniest margin ahead of 13/10(2), 13/7. 13/10(3), 8/5 trying to make the key 5-pt is third but is not even an error.

This is the type of play decision that only a computer is likely to get completely right but whichever of the three moves you chose you would be fine. Only if you decided to give up the 15-pt would you be in error/blunder territory. Red needs that point as a link point for any checkers that get hit and recirculated and there will be a lot of hitting before this game is finished.

Mar 14 2019 08:43AM by Rumen

There is still a lot of play left in this game. That's why Red has to pay purely, building his board - 13/10(3), 8/5.

Mar 14 2019 08:47AM by Leo

I agree with Rumen. 13/10(3),8/5. Red needs to build some structure in front of white's back checkers.

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