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2019 - Position 220

By Chris Bray, Dec 4 2019 04:00PM


Money Play. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

A classic prime-vs-prime situation as and as we know, (nearly) all prime-vs-prime positions are doubles and takes. Red only wins 60% of the time but two-thirds of those wins are gammons and Red must double to activate gammons.

Not doubling is. 4.5 level blunder (-0.36 in terms of equity) while dropping is merely a 2.5 level blunder (-0.20).

As I said, all prime-versus-prime positions are doubles and takes!

Dec 5 2019 10:47AM by Peder

D7T. It's necessary to activate gammons.

Dec 5 2019 02:26PM by Ben

It seems to me that Red is under much pressure to toss an immediate 6 or risk collapsing his board. However, White's two outfield checkers surely invite gammons.

Dec 5 2019 04:16PM by Andy

I beaver as white.

Dec 5 2019 10:25PM by Kenneth

White should drop. Too many gammons.

Dec 6 2019 08:30AM by Leo

D/T - Lots of gammon potential for red, but white's 5pt home board is a huge asset.

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