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2019 - Position 218

By Chris Bray, Nov 29 2019 04:24PM


Match Play. Red leads 5-4 to 13. How should Red play 22?

Quite simply, if Red does not hit he must pass White’s double. After a passive play such as bar/23,24/22(2), 8/6 he is behind in race, threat and position and being behind in all three elements normally always indicates a pass.

After bar/23, 13/9*, the other 2 can be played 24/22 or 23/21. There is virtually no equity difference between the two plays. When in doubt, hit. That might just bring Red’s three-point home board into play.

Dec 1 2019 06:05AM by Rumen

If Red doesn't take some actions, he is losing the game. He must use his better board and play bold - bar/23, 24/22, 13/9.

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