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2019 - Position 217

By Chris Bray, Nov 28 2019 05:35PM


Money Play. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

Over the board most would double and I would expect a fair few drops.

However, Red has five rolls that crack his 6-pt prime immediately and White can still build a prime against Red’s rear checkers. Technically this no double/take (actually nearly a blunder to double) but against all but the best I would try to steal a point in this position. Human beings err while XG does not!

Nov 29 2019 08:43AM by Leo

It looks tempting to double this, afterall red has a full 6 prime and white has a checker on the bar. However, there's a lot of work to do to get the 3 stragglers around the board, and white's structure is very good. Against a weak player, I'd double (hoping for a pass), against a strong player I'd hold off for a roll.

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