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2019 - Position 215

By Chris Bray, Nov 26 2019 02:00PM


Money Play. How should Red play 21?

The bots have taught us a lot about playing back games. I hope that it is clear that Red should attempt to recirculate a checker from the 6-t or 5-pt to get that checker into play.

Therefore the 2 should be played 5/3. The 1 can be played 22/21, 11/10 or 6/5. XG has a tiny preference for 22/21 but I think any of those three plays is perfectly valid. If I extended the rollout, I may well get a different result and in truth I have no idea which of those three plays is best.

They key is to understand the idea of recirculation and that is what makes 5/3 mandatory.

Nov 26 2019 05:13PM by Peder

6/3. Slotting the 9-point is also tempting, but I think it's better to make use of the stacked 6-point.

Nov 26 2019 05:25PM by Leo

Agree with Peder. Not too worried about being hit back, and this play unstacks the 6pt and slots the next point red would like to make.

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