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2019 - Position 212

By Chris Bray, Nov 21 2019 05:23PM

Position submitted by Leo Waters.


Match Play. Red trails 0-4 to 7. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

A position that is a perfectly correct beaver for money becomes redouble/pass because of the score and the value of the cube!

A gammon for Red wins him the match. If Red doesn’t redouble and loses the game, he will only have about 8% match winning chances so he is not giving up much by redoubling and the potential gains are huge. It is quite possible that White doubled prematurely here rather than playing for an undoubled gammon. We will never know!

Nov 22 2019 11:12AM by Peder

I think this is a good redouble. It takes White's gammons away from the agenda, and the cube is dead. White should drop and promise herself never to double early at this score!

Nov 22 2019 02:25PM by Leo

This could be a redouble due to the score, but it looks like a very easy take.

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