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2019 - Position 211

By Chris Bray, Nov 20 2019 12:30PM


Money Play. How should Red play 41?

I got pinged by XG for playing 13/8. However, on rollout the difference between 13/8 and 8/3* is negligible. 8/3* both wins and loses more gammons.

So for money you can take your choice. Different match scores would significantly affect the play.

Nov 20 2019 05:15PM by Leo

13/8, or 8/3*? I prefer the hitting play, as this stops white from developing his position and may activate some gammon possibilities if white dances.

Nov 21 2019 03:30AM by Mackenzie

Myself, I prefer making the 8-point, as I find making outfield points is generally more valuable than hitting loose. If White still only had a 1-point board, I would probably hit.

Nov 21 2019 04:11PM by Peder

8/3* at GG, 13/8 At DMP and GS. For money I haven't the foggiest.

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