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2019 - Position 21

By Chris Bray, Feb 7 2019 04:32PM


Money Play. How should Red play 53?

Over the board 13/5 was played but that is a blunder.

That checker on Red’s mid-point is needed to keep the pressure on White’s blot on Red’s 11-pt and to give him a difficult choice with his small numbers.

Both 10/5, 8/5 or the simple 10/2 are correct. If White hits the checker on the mid-point Red may make an anchor in White’s board and this is a situation where he may be better off with two checkers back rather than one.

This technique is often overlooked in live play and I think it is an important technique to learn. Backgammon is all about pressure and here 13/5 takes the pressure off White.

Feb 7 2019 08:23PM by Peder

10/5, 8/5. Right or wrong, I play to win!

Feb 7 2019 09:42PM by Ben


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