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2019 - Position 208

By Chris Bray, Nov 14 2019 06:10PM


Money Play. How should Red play 11?

The key here is to make the checkers work. Red needs his 4-pt so 6/4 seems obvious and carries very little risk. Then either 12/11, 2/1 or 2/1(2) are both OK with the other two aces.

Over the board 12/10, 6/5, 2/1 was tried but that is a surprisingly bad error. That 4-point needs to be slotted now.

Nov 15 2019 01:10PM by Peder

2/1*, 8/5. Fours to cover, fives and sixes to escape.I think it's important not to fall for 3/1(3)*

Nov 15 2019 01:13PM by Peder

I meant 2/1(3)* of course. The solid five-prime is an asset.

Nov 15 2019 01:26PM by Leo

Nothing to add to what Peder has already said except that red should have doubled before rolling.

Nov 16 2019 10:49AM by Leo

White's position is by no means threatening, so put your checkers where they belong. 6/4,2/1,12/11.

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