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2019 - Position 207

By Chris Bray, Nov 13 2019 06:50PM


Money Play. How should Red play 52?

Red should play with one blot so 13/11, 13/8 can be eliminated. !3/6 is also weak.

It is a choice between 24/17 and 24/22, 13/8. The latter gives free shots, i.e. very few return shots. Best is 24/22, 13/8 as if he is hit Red will nearly have a lot of return shots.

24/17 is a bad error but not a blunder.

Nov 13 2019 07:58PM by Peder

24/22, 13/8. This I would play on autopilot, and that makes me suspicous. But what else?

Nov 14 2019 09:07AM by Leo

For me the choice is between 24/17 and 24/22,13/8. If I was ahead in the race, I'd go for running all the way. As it is, 24/22,13/8 looks better.

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