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2019 - Position 204

By Chris Bray, Nov 6 2019 07:02PM


Match Play. Red trails 3-7 to 13. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

This is from my first-round match in Cyprus. I redoubled and my opponent passed.

The redouble is correct – it would be premature for money. The take is actually very easy. White easily has 25% (actually he has 41%!!) and is unlikely to get gammoned. My opponent was scared of me fanning and then him rolling something like 43 or 54. Even then I have to hit so the parlay where he loses a gammon is unlikely although it happens 11% of the time and hence why the redouble is correct.

The match score had undue influence on my opponent and he paid the price.

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