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2019 - Position 202

By Chris Bray, Nov 2 2019 12:08PM


Match Play. Red trails 2-6 (post- Crawford). Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

This is posted as a reminder that you can wait too long to double post-Crawford. Red held on the cube too long before doubling. Now, because of the gammon threat, White must drop the double and play from 6-3 ahead. A salutary tale indeed!

Nov 2 2019 04:41PM by Leo

Double/pass. Pretty straightforward I'd say.

Nov 2 2019 05:51PM by Peder

I like to try to steal a point at this score. However, it's not easy against an unknown opponent. Theoretically, White should take any double, which is not gammonish or has a zero chance of winning. Red has waited a long time for this, and I think this is a good opportunity to double. Perhaps Red will pass because of gammon fear, but I believe she is still in take territory.

Nov 2 2019 05:54PM by Peder

The last sentence should begin: Perhaps White will...

Nov 3 2019 12:14PM by Peder

There is a simple counter-stategy. If White declares from the start that she is going to take ANY double, Red can never profit by waiting!

Nov 3 2019 08:38PM by Mackenzie

Double/Pass. Personally, I can't imagine entertaining a take from this position. Maybe I am missing something.

Nov 3 2019 08:54PM by Mackenzie

Well, the quiz factor made me curious, so I did a little research. According to an old article on Post-Crawford cubes that I found at, "In all odd-away, post crawford positions, the leader can take trailers [sic] cube if he wins at least a fraction of the amount he gets gammoned." The author goes on to state that when 5-away, that fraction is 2/3. From that standpoint, taking would be appear to be correct!

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