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2019 - Position 199

By Chris Bray, Oct 29 2019 06:07PM


Money Play. How should Red play 22?

This position came up in a lesson this week and we discussed the merits of (a) 13/5 (b) 24/18, 5/3 (c) 18/16, 11/5 and (d) 24/18, 13/11.

There was no clear favourite and 13/5 was played.

In fact, all four moves are within 0.010 equity points of each other so the decision should rest on your playing style and that of your opponent.

Sometimes in backgammon there is no clearly correct play. This position is a good example of that concept.

Oct 29 2019 07:47PM by Leo

22 normally produces many different possibilities. my choice is 13/5.

Oct 30 2019 08:25AM by Peder

24/18, 13/11 is more in my style.

Oct 30 2019 04:48PM by Alastair Woods

interesting one...even race I'd like to anchor on the 18 pt here so I'll use 3 of them for 24/18. Then i guess it's either 13/11 or 5/3. 5/3 looks ugly and with the anchor and no board for white i'd say prepare to make the 5 with 13/11 and have some fun in a blot hitting contest if the 1 comes up ;-)

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