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2019 - Position 198

By Chris Bray, Oct 28 2019 03:04PM


Money Play. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

I wouldn’t blame anybody for holding the cube here but technically this a redouble and a take.

The take is very clear, but I think many would be surprised by the fact that this is a redouble. However, if Red is hit there will life after death in most instances.

Move the spare checker on White’s 2-pt to his ace-point, giving White a four-point home board, then the position becomes a no double. Always remember to look at all four quadrants of the board when making doubling decisions.

The key is to consider the redouble at all. Many would miss the opportunity.

Oct 28 2019 03:42PM by Leo

Red has a huge racing lead and good things can happen as long as he can survive the next couple of rolls. Redouble. White has a strong home board and plenty of contact left. Take.

Oct 29 2019 10:35AM by Peder

I prefer to keep the cube. ND/T.

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