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2019 - Position 189

By Chris Bray, Oct 15 2019 04:55PM


Match Play. Red trails 0-4 to 7. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

For money this is a good double (a blunder not to do so) and a very easy take.

At the match score it may surprise you to discover that it would be nearly a double blunder to accept then cube here. Those six checkers on White’s mid-point will cost him a lot of gammons. The white blot on his ace-point is a big weakness when it comes to a blot-hitting contest. If you put that blot on his 6-pt White has a very easy take.

Never forget to look at the while board when making your decisions.

Oct 16 2019 09:31AM by Leo

Red could well have a double. White's position looks awkward and there are some gammons if red rolls well. Red still has a lot of freight to move around the board, so I think this is a skinny take, although there is more excuse to pass at this score.

Oct 16 2019 10:42AM by Peder

At this score I think this is D/P. Owning the cube has little value for White, and there are gammons in the air.

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