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2019 - Position 187

By Chris Bray, Oct 11 2019 04:58PM


Match Play. 0-0 to 5. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

Nearly half of Red’s wins from this position are gammons so there is an argument for playing on without redoubling and hoping to get to 4-0 (Crawford).

However, 8-0 is better than 4-0 and there will be some players of the White checkers who will drop this redouble. Having said that, not redoubling is an error rather than a blunder

White’s strong home board and his lead in the race give him a very comfortable take of this redouble and dropping is worse than a double blunder. Note also that Red ‘s 4s and 1s are duplicated.

Oct 14 2019 07:42AM by Leo

RD/T. red has some significant threats with white on the bar and two loose blots. However, white is ahead in the race and has a very strong home board, so I think can eke out a take.

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