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2019 - Position 186

By Chris Bray, Oct 10 2019 05:00PM


Money Play. How should Red play 55?

This is not easy because there are so many candidate plays.

The key is to find the play that enables Red to win with the cube as soon as possible. I truns out that advancing the prime with prime with bar/15, 8/3(2) is correct. This keep pressure on White’s blot on the 4-pt and nicely duplicates the ace White needs to advance to the 22-pt.

The DMP play would be very different – bar/15, 23/18(2). Without access to the cube, trying to build the full prime takes precedence.

Oct 11 2019 04:32PM by Mackenzie

Many candidate plays to pick from, but I like bar/10, 23/18. The 10-pt isn't part of our prime, but this play gives us some outfield control and keeps the pressure on White's two blots, while only leaving two of our own.

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