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2019 - Position 183

By Chris Bray, Oct 7 2019 12:05PM


Money Play. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

A classic early middle-game position. Red has the advantage and a reasonable number of market-losing sequences. Red must double now because the position is sufficiently volatile.

White has a comfortable take as Red only has 10 checkers in the attack zone and White’s checkers are all in play.

Oct 7 2019 02:34PM by Peder

D/T. The two 5-points give Red a strong double, but White's position is sound.

Oct 7 2019 10:03PM by Mackenzie

D/T. If White were anchored up, I think this would be too early to double.

Oct 8 2019 08:16AM by Leo

D/T. Reasonable amount of gammon potential and a secure anchor for red. White's position is solid and the race is close.

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