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2019 - Position 182

By Chris Bray, Oct 4 2019 03:32PM


Money Play. How should Red play 41?

Hitting on the 21-pt and then playing 13/9 with the four is a massive blunder, leaving Red with three vulnerable blots and giving White good sixes. Giving up the anchor by hitting with 22/21* is far too committal.

13/12*/8 is also a bad blunder - the only move that is not a blunder is the correct one: 13/12*, 8/4. This gains in the race with little risk, duplicates White’s fours and seeks to put the checkers where they belong. With luck Red will be able to build a five-point prime before he gives up his anchor in White’s board.

Oct 4 2019 08:45PM by Mackenzie

Hard to be sure, but my choice would be 22/21*, 13/9. This leaves Red more vulnerable than say 13/12*, 12/8, but it prevents White from making a 5-pt prime. It also gets Red to the edge of the prime, from where it may be possible to escape or make a superior anchor.

Oct 4 2019 11:59PM by Ben

I like Mackenzie's play. And for the same reasons. 22/21*;13/9.

Oct 5 2019 12:17PM by Leo

I don't like hitting on white's 4 pt - it looks too dangerous with white having 11 checkers in the zone. A better option would be hitting the checker on the 12 pt, 13/12* and then 12/8*. However, that really stacks the 8pt - a purer play might be 8/4, hoping to build a five prime of your own.

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