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2019 - Position 181

By Chris Bray, Oct 3 2019 05:03PM


Money Play. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

This one is nice and easy!

This could be a one, two or three roll (or even more!) position.

Positions like this where there are no guarantees about the number of rolls and with virtually even pip counts are normally doubles and takes and this position is no exception. Not redoubling here is worse than a double blunder and dropping is a triple blunder.

Axel Reichert’s formula gets this position right. See my paper on Backgammon Races in the ‘Downloads’ section of this website for more details.

Oct 3 2019 06:24PM by Peder


Oct 3 2019 10:23PM by Ben

This is likely a 3 roll position. D/T.

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