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2019 - Position 180

By Chris Bray, Oct 2 2019 06:05PM


Money Play. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

White has a lot of wastage but despite that he is still in the game and one big double at the right time could change thing significantly. In addition, Red may end up with a bare 5-pt in the bear-off which will not be good for him in terms of efficiency.

Not doubling is an error (the position is reasonably volatile) but passing is a blunder.

Oct 2 2019 09:32PM by Ben


Oct 3 2019 07:54AM by Leo

RD/T. Although red is behind in the race, this is more than compensated by the position. White has 9 crossovers to get into his home board (red 7), and a huge amount of wastage on his one point. Despite those despite those disadvantages, I think he has a take due to the awkwardness of red's bear in and the possibility of scooting around the board with some big doubles.

Oct 3 2019 12:24PM by Peder


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