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2019 - Position 179

By Chris Bray, Oct 1 2019 04:34PM


Match Play. Red trails 2-6 to 13. Should Red redouble to 8? If redoubled, should White take?

For money it would be nearly a double blunder to redouble this position but beware of high cubes in matches!

Also beware overage - eight points give White one more than he needs. Red only wins this position two-thirds of the time but if you plug that figure into the match equity calculation you will find that White has to pass this redouble and it is a blunder to take. The position is highly volatile - Red cannot afford to wait.

Not redoubling as Red is worse than a double blunder. This is a classic demonstration of the power of the cube in a match play situation. As Red don’t worry that you might lose the match. From 2-10 down you are probably going to lose anyway. Instead, think of being 10-6 ahead. Even better, Red wins a gammon 1.5% from here!

Oct 2 2019 01:08AM by Ben

If Red redoubles & loses, the match is over. If Red redoubles & wins, the match continues.
With his 5 point yet not made, it's difficult to justify a redouble here.

no RE;Take.

Oct 2 2019 12:56PM by Peder

OTB I would redouble this It's pretty scary to take, even if it's right.

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