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2019 - Position 178

By Chris Bray, Sep 30 2019 02:17PM


Money Play. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

Apologies - this should have said Money Play not Match Play.

White’s four-point prime is too strong for Red to be able to redouble here. He should hold the cube and hope to be able to use it later to give White a difficult decision. At the moment the take is trivial and redoubling is a blunder.

Sep 30 2019 11:29PM by Ben

Unfortunately, the score is not given here. However, with two open checkers, I think Red is better off owning the cube.
NO/RE: Take

Oct 1 2019 07:15AM by Leo

For money, no redouble/take - as Ben said, red is better off owning the cube. In a match, the score would be crucial in determining the cube action, so can't comment on that until we know the score!

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