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2019 - Position 177

By Chris Bray, Sep 25 2019 10:37AM


Money game. How should Red play 44?

The one move to avoid is that played over the board, 8/4(2), 6/2(2). That leaves an ugly inflexible structure which will be difficult to develop.

It is really a question of creating a four-point prime with 13/9(3), 6/2, or strengthening the home board with 8/4(2), 7/3(2).

The latter wins the rollout by a very small margin showing that both game plans are viable. I prefer it because it keeps the communication channel of the mid-point and strengthens the home board at the same time.

Sep 25 2019 07:02PM by Peder

I like 8/4(2), 6/2(2). All checkers connected, strong board, better timing.

Sep 25 2019 09:48PM by Ben

13/9(3); 6/2.

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