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2019 - Position 176

By Chris Bray, Sep 24 2019 12:06PM


Money game. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

Is the power of the broken prime plus two opponent checkers on the bar sufficient to combat a pure five-point prime?

If gammons didn’t count White could take this redouble but he loses a gammon 25% of the time from here. White needs too many things to go right for him to be able to take this cube. Instead he must take his medicine and pass. Taking is actually a blunder.

Sep 24 2019 01:19PM by Ben

NRE/T.Needing to escape both of his back checkers & his 5 point open makes a redouble here premature.

Sep 24 2019 06:51PM by Peder

RD/T. Red's position is very strong. He can make the 5-point with 16 rolls and jump the prime with another 11.

Sep 24 2019 09:40PM by Leo

As red I would redouble this, and I think it's a pass for white. Just too many gammons.

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