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2019 - Position 175

By Chris Bray, Sep 23 2019 02:39PM


Money game. How should Red play 65?

Not the easiest problem with Red’s undeveloped position.

Once you reject the passive 13/2 it is a choice between 21/16, 21/15* and 21/15*, 6/1*.

21/16, 21/15* is the winner. It keeps the number of blots to two, reduces the number of return hits and keeps all of Red’s checkers connected.

Given these three factors it is not surprising that 21/15*, 6/1* turns out to be an error.

Red is not favourite after either play but 21/16, 21/15* is his best chance.

Sep 23 2019 03:31PM by Ben

My take on this position is that Red has very little going for him except(1) He does have an anchor &(2) all of his checkers are in play. This roll likely represents his best opportunity to rebound in the game.If misplayed, this roll likely represents White's best opportunity to win a gammon. 21/15; 6;1 for me. If it's wrong it's likely a huge blunder. I may even be encouraged to take up another game. However, all other options seem to assure me of merely losing gracefully

Sep 24 2019 07:37AM by Leo

21/16,21/15*. This is less commital than hitting on the 1pt, and when outboarded 3-1, perhaps it's better not to leave a direct shot. Also, white will have to break his mid-point to hit back, which is quite a concession.

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