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2019 - Position 174

By Chris Bray, Sep 20 2019 03:14PM


Money game. How should Red play 53?

With those two blots in White’s home board this is not the time for 7/2, 6/3.

Red must choose between 14/11, 14/9, clearing the most awkward point but leaving two blots and 13/10, 13/8, leaving only a single blot.

On an initial evaluation XG likes 14/11, 14/9 but on a long rollout it prefers 13/10, 13/8. It turns out the extra flexibility of 14/11, 14/9 is outweighed by having just a single blot. Red can play on for a long time with just the one blot but that is not the case if he leaves two blots.

14/11, 14/9 is an error (just).

Sep 20 2019 03:48PM by Peder

14/9, 14/11. Those two blots in White's inner board call for a positional move.It's strong and flashy and some opponents are afraid of hitting, even when it's their best chance!

Sep 21 2019 08:05AM by Leo

14/9,14/11 - As Peder says the blots in white's home board call for a more bold play. I this move fits the bill.

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