• 2019 - Position 152


    Money Play. How should Red play 65?

    Playing on automatic I quickly chose 10/4, 9/4, duplicating 3s. However, that is not the best move. It leaves White with an attack when his home board is the stronger. It also leaves three blots.

    Best is 15/9, 6/1. This strengthens the home board, races when ahead and only leaves two blots, one of which can’t be attacked directly.

    10/4, 9/4 ‘looks’ obvious but once you think it through the advantages of 15/9, 6/1 become apparent. I wager that many would get this one wrong over the board.

    Note that 22/16, 15/10 is a reasonable play but not as strong as 15/9, 6/1.


    • 1. Aug 20 2019 5:28PM by Ben


    • 2. Aug 20 2019 9:00PM by Mackenzie

      I like 10/9, 6/1. Usually it is correct to make the ace-point once it has been slotted, and Red would like to match White's three-point board. Red would also prefer not to leave any direct shots in White's outfield when up in the race.

    • 3. Aug 21 2019 8:34AM by Leo

      I like 22/16,15/10. This fits with the running theme.

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