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2019 - Position 131

By Chris Bray, Jul 22 2019 01:54PM


Money Play. How should Red play 62?

Red could try to be cute here by playing 23/15 without hitting but it is more important to get those checkers on his 6-pt on to the field of battle in what is likely to be a long game.

23/17*, 6/4 is the right play. 23/15 is actually a blunder as it takes no tempo from White and fails to develop Red’s position.

Jul 22 2019 02:37PM by Peder

The first move that comes to mind is 23/17*, 6/4. Red should build his position without giving too much away.

Jul 22 2019 03:34PM by Ben

I like 23/21:21/15 here. I think we want to avoid giving White the opportunity to triple anchor here.

Jul 22 2019 06:59PM by Mackenzie

I think Red really needs to get those checkers on the 5-pt into play, one way or another. I'll go with 23/17*, 6/4.

Jul 22 2019 07:58PM by Leo

Ditto. 23/17*,6/4

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