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2019 - Position 129

By Chris Bray, Jul 18 2019 05:33PM


Money Play. How should Red play 33?

I failed the test here by playing 7/4(2), 6/3(2). This creates a strong board but disconnects the checkers.

Red needs time to escape his rear checkers, preferably by throwing a double.

The two plays 13/10(3), 6/3 and 13/10(2), 13/7 are identical in equity so take your pick. Incidentally both plays block White’s 55 which is certainly a positive.

Jul 18 2019 07:09PM by Mackenzie

There are a number of candidate plays here: 7/4(2), 6/3(2); 13/10(2), 13/7; 13/10(3), 6/3; 13/7, 6/3(2); 13/10(2), 6/3(2)... that should cover it. I don't think leaving a direct shot is a good idea in such a close race, so that eliminates 13/10(2), 6/3(2). I'd rather unstack the heavy 6-pt and leave good sixes than avoid leaving a second inner board blot, so 13/10(2), 13/7 is out. I can't make a strong justification for playing 13/7, 6/3(2), so I'll ditch that play, too. I don't love the stripped position that remains after 7/4(2), 6/3(2), but I have a hard time passing up on such strong permanent assets, so that will be my play of the two remaining. It also retains the mid-point, which can help the rear checkers escape if ever there is a good opportunity to do so.

Jul 19 2019 07:16AM by Leo

13/10(3),6/3 - This unstacks the heavy 6pt, creates a nice blocking point in front of white's anchor and leaves a spare for 6s.

Jul 19 2019 09:37AM by Peder

7/4,6/3 is what I would play.. Red's timing is slightly better, and he needs a strong board when White makes a run for it. Perhaps Leo's play is a slight improvement. Red has time to build his board, and it's nice to block double fives for a few rolls.

Jul 19 2019 09:39AM by Peder

7/4(2), 6/3(2). Sorry.

Jul 19 2019 04:07PM by Peder

I don't wantt to quarrel with XG, but 13/10(3) 6/3 blocks 55, but makes 44 a good number.

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