• 2019 - Position 118


    Match Play. Double Match Point. How should Red play 41?

    Hitting is the wrong idea here. That traps two checkers on the same point behind a broken prime.

    Red’s objective is to get those two rear checkers moving. Therefore bar/21 is correct for the four.

    5/4 and 3/2 are both viable options for the ace but the simple 24/23 is the right play. This partially freezes White’s checkers on his 8-pt and makes Red’s twos good for next turn, a number that does not play well elsewhere.

    So the best play is bar/21, 24/23.


    • 1. Jun 28 2019 7:47PM by Mackenzie

      It looks like this one is between bar/21, 24/23 and bar/24, 16/12*. Red could also enter with the 4 and play 5/4 or 3/2 with the 1, but I'm fairly sure those aren't the right idea here. Now we all know the trusty adage, "When in doubt, hit!", but I guess I'm not feeling doubtful enough to follow that at that moment! Red would really like to escape a checker or make an advanced anchor before being forced off of the 16-pt, so my play is bar/21, 24/23. Come to think of it, maybe the hitting play isn't even second best.

    • 2. Jun 29 2019 7:55AM by Leo

      It's very tempting to hit in this position, and would be more so if gammons were an issue. However, in this positiuon red is ahead in the race and priority number one is to extract the back checkers from the broken 5 prime. With that in mind, bar/21,24/23 looks like the best option.

    • 3. Jun 30 2019 4:22PM by Ben

      Bar 21;3/2 is the play here I believe. The 2 point is important because it gives White an opportunity to double anchor. Now is the time to slot the 2.

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