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2019 - Position 104

By Chris Bray, Jun 10 2019 03:49PM


Money Play. How should Red play 31?

This is not the time for pusillanimity by playing 13/9.

A blitz is a blitz and it must be continued until it succeeds or fails – normally in dramatic fashion.

The correct play here 8/4*.

13/9 is a blunder and anything else is much worse.

Jun 10 2019 04:44PM by Leo

8/4*. Continue the blitz so as not to let white anchor. Lots of gammons if white doesn't hit back (16 misses)

Jun 10 2019 06:09PM by Peder

I agree with Leo, 8/4*.

Jun 10 2019 07:36PM by Mackenzie

8/4* must be right here. Once your deep home board points have been made, the blitz often becomes more viable.

Jun 10 2019 10:42PM by Ben

Attention Shoppers: Clean up on aisle 4! Six blots are too many for Maintenance. 13/9

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