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2019 - Poaition 191

By Chris Bray, Oct 17 2019 05:22PM


Money Play. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

It is very close but White should pass here, although taking is not technically an error.

The position is a good benchmark because if the race was one pip better in White’s favour he would have a take.

As it is the fact that he cannot anchor tells against him too much and the 11% gammons that he loses push him into drop territory.

Oct 17 2019 08:23PM by Mackenzie

D/T would be my play. Red should double now before establishing a greater prime. As for the take, I think the fact that White has made the 5-pt makes all the difference. White can realistically only win by hitting from here, but there is still a lot of play left in the game.

Oct 18 2019 07:46AM by Leo

D/P. Red has fully escaped the back checkers and leads in the race by 18 pips before the roll. Although red has a slightly awkward distribution of checkers, I don't think white can take. The racing lead is just too much.

Oct 18 2019 09:52AM by Peder


Oct 18 2019 02:32PM by Ben

Having made his 5 point & only one checker back, I believe White has a take here. Red has yet to make an inside point & with only one checker back gammons seem unlikely.

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