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2018 - Position 218

By Chris Bray, Dec 19 2018 03:53PM


Money Play. How should Red play 54?

A pay me now, pay me later problem.

17/8 or 8/3, 6/2. White’s board is improving, and Red is running out of time. After 8/3, 6/2 both of Red’s outside points are stripped and the alarm bells should start ringing for him.

This points to 17/8 as the correct play and indeed it is. 8/3, 6/2 is an error. Pay now.

Dec 19 2018 04:47PM by Peder

8/3, 62. One move away from yesterday's position.

Dec 19 2018 07:53PM by Leo

It's not clear to me that paying later is the best strategy (8/3,6/2). Red is ahead in the race, and burying two checkers now might mean being squeezed off the anchor on the 17pt when white's home board is stronger and more dangerous. I'd run, which is more thematic, especially with the blot on white's 1pt. 17/8

Dec 20 2018 03:27PM by Ben

This likely represents Red's best chance to safety one of his back checkers, even @ the expense of leaving a double shot. Only eight hit/cover shots, however. Pay now & avoid a slow death. 17/8.

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