• 2017 - Position 112


    a) Match Play. Red trails 4-5 to 7. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

    b) Money Play. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

    At 2-away vs 3-away the correct strategy is to double early and for your opponent to drop early (his take point is 29%).

    The correct action in this position is for Red to double and White to pass. it would be a huge blunder to take. Technically Red should play on for a gammon but given White might take I would ship the cube here.

    For money Red must double but White can take as the cube is active, he has an anchor and all his checkers are in play if perhaps not that well placed.


    • 1. Jun 19 2017 4:49PM by Peder

      White's position is awful. It's front-loaded and she has three checkers on the 24-point. D/P in both cases.

    • 2. Jun 19 2017 8:20PM by Leo

      At 3 away 2 away, I would pass as white due to the gammon risk. I'd double as red rather than play on. You never know, you might get a take. In the money game, I think white has enough to take. Despite the weakness of three checkers on the 24pt, all the other checkers are in play and red still has to extract his two back checkers, by no means straightforward.

    • 3. Jun 20 2017 10:15AM by sue

      a) double/pass lots of gammons

      b) double/take lots of play left

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