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These will be posted more or less daily and also tweeted. As I add a new position I will give a  commentary for the previous one.


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By Chris Bray, Jul 22 2019 02:02PM

One person to this site last week had the honour of becoming the 1,000,000th visitor.

Thank you to everybody who has visited the site over the last 6 years. I wasn't sure when I started "Position of the Day" how long it would run for but it seems to have a healthy audience so I intend to continue to write it until either I or the audoence tire of it.

It has immeasurably improved my own game over the years. Problem 130 was from the 2018 Othello Quiz where I scored 7 out of 10, my highest ever score. That score is in no little part due to all the analysis I have done for this site.

So, Happy Reading and Studying to one and all.

Jul 22 2019 04:24PM by Mackenzie

And we thank you for the interesting content and insightful comments! Hoping for many more years to come.

Jul 24 2019 11:44PM by Ben

Ditto to Mackenzie's comments! thank you for helping us improve our BG.

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